Proctored homework in the last year of high school

A supervised assignment in the last year of high school that has its answer key.

This final year math test will review the following concepts:

  • complex numbers with algebraic and exponential forms as well as the calculation of cosine and sine.
  • Study of a function and its graphic representation.
  • Calculation and study of a primitive.
  • Study of an exponential function.
  • Calculation of the value of an integral.
  • A calculation algorithm.
  • Study of a logarithm function with the derivative and the table of variation.
  • Calculation of the difference of two areas.

This document is intended for teachers of maths in Terminale S as well as for students who want to revise a test.

You can download this proctored assignment for free in PDF format.

Proctored math homework in the last year of high school

Answer key for the supervised math homework in the last year of high school

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