Addition and subtraction : correction of the exercises in sixth grade

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Answer key to the exercises on addition and subtraction in the sixth grade.

Exercise 1:
For each of the following operations, by showing the calculation to be performed, find the missing number (you can ask the operations to be performed):

45 + 83 = 128

312 – 45 = 267

623 – 167 = 456

Exercise 2:
Lisa has to walk another 350 m to get to Samira’s house, which is 800 m away from hers.

How far has Lisa already traveled?

800-350=450 m

Lisa has already covered 450 meters.
Exercise 3:
1) By adding 27 years to her age, Estelle obtains her father’s age, i.e. 39 years. How old is Estelle?


Estelle is 12 years old.

2) Sophie, Estelle’s mother, is 2 years younger than her husband.

What is the age difference between Estelle and her mother?

There is no solution because there is insufficient information.

Exercise 4:
In a restaurant, an elevator cannot lift more than 50 kg. A box weighing 36.58 kg and another weighing 13.86 kg are placed on this elevator. Will he be able to start?

36,58+13,86= 50,44 kg.

The elevator will not be able to lift this mass because it is over 50 kg.

Exercise 5:
A board measures 1.83 m. I cut a piece measuring 0.69 cm.

What is the remaining length?

1,83 – 0,69 = 1,14 m

There is 1.14 meters left.

Exercise 6:

Peter buys 10 liters of gasoline at a price of 1.5787 euros per liter.
The price to be paid is then rounded to the nearest cent.
How much will he pay?
10\times  \,1,5787=15,79

Exercise 7:

Quantity Price per unit Total
Cap 5 12 60 €
Shoe 7 43 301 €
Polo 9 28 252 €
Tracksuit 1 unknown 0 €
Sock 65 3 € 195 €
TOTAL 808 €

Cap price:

60 : 5 = 12.

The price of a cap is 12 euros.

Price of a pair of shoes :

301 : 7 = 43.

The price of a pair of shoes is 43 euros.

Price of a polo shirt :

252 : 9 = 28 .

The price of a polo shirt is 28 euros.

Let’s calculate the total price for the tracksuits purchased:


The total price for the tracksuit is 0 euros.

The tracksuit was donated .

The amount of pairs of socks:


He bought 65 pairs of socks.

Exercise 8:

Complete fill-in-the-blank operations with addition, multiplication and subtraction.

127 + 292=419 84 + 13,5 = 97,5

418 – 98 =320 2 809 + 4 193 = 7 002

0,001 x 14=0,014 11 195 – 4 193 = 7 002

Exercise 9:

Addition and subtraction

If the starting number is 1 then :








so the result is 4.5

The corrected 6th grade math exercises in PDF

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Sixth grade exercises.

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