Tips for passing your 2023 math patent.

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The college mathematics exam is your first exam

Your attention should be drawn to the fact that mathematics counts as 3 (2 for the written exam and 1 for the academic record).

Procedure for the mathematics test at the brevet des collèges

1. Duration:

2 hours

2. Acquisitions to be evaluated:

The capacities to be evaluated are organized around the following poles:

– Execute and use a calculation, a graph or a geometrical plot.

– interpret a numerical situation graphically or interpret a graphical or geometrical situation numerically.

– apply knowledge and methods to solve simple problems.

3. Nature of the written test:

The test consists of three parts:

The first two parts focus on direct applications of the knowledge and techniques in the program.

Each of them consists of a small number of independent exercises.

For the college series, the first part is numerical, the second part is geometrical.

The third part evaluates the ability to mobilize knowledge to solve a problem.

It is made up of a small number of sequenced questions of progressive difficulty.

4. Scoring: out of 40 points.

  1. Part 1: out of 12 points .
  2. Second part: out of 12 points .
  3. Part 3: out of 12 points .
  4. Writing and presentation: out of 4 points.

Know how to write and present a copy of the mathematics patent

1. A quick read of the text to start.

It is necessary to know how to manage your time.

You have two hours to deal with 3 parts of equal value (12 points).

You are advised to set aside 35 minutes for each of them, the remaining 15 minutes will be used for reading the text and proofreading your copy, the quality of which will be appreciated (4 points)
Throughout the test, check the time spent according to the scale indicated for each exercise.

2. Usage to be respected :

a. Spelling

Spelling mistakes disrupt the reading and annoy the reader.

b. The impersonal form

Avoid the <> or the <> in the newsroom .

3. Three habits to develop

a. Clearly state the assumptions.

b. When writing answers, refer to the assumptions.

c. Indicate in French the properties or theorems used.

4. Four issues to address:

a. Should I copy the questions?

No, don’t waste time copying the questions of the treated exercise since the corrector has the statement .

b. Should we use logical symbols?

Any abuse of logical symbols should be avoided.

The formulas must be integrated into correctly written French sentences.

5. Is it necessary to work in draft form?

It is recommended to make all calculations in draft; to draw the figures or constructions in such a way as to appreciate the space necessary for their realization on the copy.

6. Is it necessary to follow the order of the questions?

If the writing is clear with the copy of the questions, it is not mandatory to follow the order of the questions chronologically.

Questions should be addressed in order of preference.

Hopefully these tips will help you.

Tips for passing the math test.

The Mathovore team

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