Brevet de maths 2021 : mock subject to revise

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Duration of the test: 2 hours
The use of a calculator is allowed
(circular n°99-186 of November 16, 1999)
The use of the dictionary is not allowed.

Exercise 1 (5 points)

This exercise is a multiple choice questionnaire.
For each row in the table, only one statement is correct.
On your copy, indicate the question number and copy the correct statement.
No justification is required.

Exercise 2 (4 points)

A chocolate maker has just made 2,622 Easter eggs and 2,530 chocolate fish.
He wants to sell assorted eggs and fish so that :
– all packages have the same composition;
– after packing, there are no eggs or fish left.
1. Can the chocolate maker make 19 packages? Justify.
2. What is the largest number of packages it can make? In this case, what
will be the composition of each package?

Exercise 3 (6 points)

Peio, a young Basque decides to sell ice cream from June 1st to August 31st inclusive in
To sell his ice cream, Peio hesitates between two locations:
– a straw hut on the beach
– a store in the city center.
Using the information below, help Peio choose the most appropriate location for his
more profitable.

Information 1:

the rents of the two proposed locations:
– the straw hut on the beach : 2500 € per month.
-the store in the city center: 60 € per day.

Information 2 : the weather in Hendaye
From June 1st to August 31st included:
– The sun shines 75% of the time
– The rest of the time, the weather is cloudy or rainy.

Information 3: Sales forecast by day according to weather:

Pondicherry 2015
We remind you that the month of June has 30 days and the months of July and August have 31 days.

Any research lead, even if not completed, will be taken into account in the the evaluation.

Exercise 4 (6 points)

The last bottle of perfume from Chenal has the shape of a SABC pyramid with a triangular base of height [AS] such as :
– ABC is a right-angled triangle and isosceles in A ;
– AB = 7.5 cm and AS = 15 cm.

1. Calculate the volume of the SABC pyramid. (Round to the nearest cm3.)
2. To make its cap SS’MN, the designers cut this pyramid by a plane P parallel to its base and passing through the point S’ such that SS’ = 6 cm.
a) What is the nature of the plane section S’MN obtained?
b) Calculate the length S’N.
3. Calculate the maximum volume of perfume that this bottle can hold by cm^3.

Exercise 5 (4 points)

A TV game show offers two tests to candidates:
– For the first test, the candidate faces 5 doors: one
door gives access to the treasure room while the other 4 open
on the consolation room.
– For the second test, the candidate finds himself in a room facing
to 8 envelopes.

In the treasure room :
1 envelope contains €1,000 , 5 envelopes contain €200. The others contain 100 €.

In the consolation room:
5 envelopes contain €100 and the rest are empty.
He has to choose only one envelope and then finds out how much he has won.
1) What is the probability that the candidate will reach the treasure room?
2) A candidate finds himself in the treasure room.
a) Draw a diagram of the situation.
b) What is the probability that he will earn at least 200 €?
3) Another candidate is in the consolation room.
What is the probability that he wins nothing?

Exercise 6 (7 points)

[AB] is a segment of middle O such that AB = 12 cm.
The point C belongs to the circle of center O passing by A. Moreover AC = 6 cm
The angle \widehat{ABC} measures 30°.
1) Construct the figure in full size.
2) Are the following statements true or false? Justify.
a) Triangle ABC is right-angled.
b) The segment [BC] measures 10 cm.
c) The angle \widehat{AOC} measures 60°.
d) The area of triangle ABC is 18\sqrt{3} cm².
e) The angle \widehat{BOC} measures 31°.

Exercise 7 (4 points)

Three identical equilateral triangles are cut out of the corners of a triangle
equilateral of side 6 cm. The sum of the perimeters of the three small triangles is equal to
to the perimeter of the remaining gray hexagon.

What is the measure of the side of the small triangles?

Equilateral triangle

Any trace of research, even if not completed, will appear on the copy and will be taken into

taken into account in the marking.

Answers to the mathematics patent Consult the online answer key

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