12th grade math : lessons and worksheets with answers to download in PDF.

12th grade

12th grade math with all the lessons of the official curriculum of the national education in class twelveth  grade but also for each lesson, a series of corrected exercises in order to revise and to practise on line.The year of terminale leading to the SAT, Mathovore has hundreds of exercises allowing you to reinforce you in mathematics and to fill your various gaps accumulated throughout the school year.

The course and exercise sheets are available for download as PDFs or for printing. This marks the end of high school and, through the baccalaureate exam, opens the way to higher education; both aspects have a profound influence on the choices made in the program and on the practices of teachers and students.

Reasoning by recurrence

Complex numbers in the final year of high school

The derivative of a function

The integrals

The logarithm function

The exponential function

The scalar product

Limits and asymptotes

Numerical sequences

Differential equations

The probabilities


The matrices

Successful 12th grade math with all the resources available.

12th math gradeThe senior class marks the end of high school and the preparation of the mathematics SAT.The resources of Mathovore are very diversified between lessons, worksheets with answers, supervised homeworkAll Mathovore members and visitors have access to all the resources they need to validate their final year of high school and pass their baccalauréat in maths in thé 12th grade.

All these documents are in accordance with the official programs of the national education.

All to succeed in his year and finish the high school period on a good note, hundreds of diversified resources to help the student in a continuous progression towards excellence.

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