Scratch : correction of the exercises in 3rd grade of programming.

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The answers to the exercises on scratch in cycle 4 in the 3rd grade. Know how to create a program and set up an algorithm to answer a given problem.

Exercise 1

Associate each program with the corresponding output.ex1-scratch

Program 1: plot 2.

Program 2: plot 3.

Program 3: plot 1.

Exercise 2


If a = 1 then the sprite moves forward by a number of steps between 1 and 20 pixels and if a = 2, the sprite moves backward by a number of steps between 1 and 20 pixels.

Exercise 3

What does this program do?


This program adds to the number result1: 2,3,4 etc… then to the number result2, it multiplies it by 2,3,4 etc…

Exercise 4

We ran this program and entered the number 45.

What is the content of my list at the end of the execution?


The content of maliste will be the list of divisors of the number 45.

Exercise 5

How to complete this program in order to add the entered number to the list only

in case the number is not yet included?


You have to add a condition “otherwise” and the brick “Add to list” the value “answer”.

Exercise 6
What code should be added to the two sprites so that the Bear1 sprite says hello to the cat
once the latter is near him?

It would be necessary to add a condition of the type :

If the x-position of the cat and the Bear1 sprite is less than 10 then both sprites say hello.

Exercise 7

We click on the chat.

After exactly how many seconds will the cat say hello?


1+2+1=4 s

The cat will say hello after 4 seconds.

Exercise 8

The scene features a Ball goblin.

Is it possible to win in this game?


It is impossible to win this game because each time the mouse moves closer to the sprite than 50 pixels, the sprite will move to an abscissa between -200 and 200 pixels.

Exercise 9

What does this program do?

We entered 12 and then 15. The cat announces NAN! Why?

How can the program be improved?


This program will calculate \sqrt{12^2-15^2}=\sqrt{144-225}=\sqrt{-81} which does not exist!

Exercise 10

What happens if you click on the balloon once?

What happens if you click on the balloon several times quickly?


If you click on this balloon, another balloon will be created for 4 seconds and then deleted automatically.

This balloon will take a position whose abscissa is between -240 and +240 pixels and whose ordinate is zero.

The answers to the exercises on scratch in PDF in 3ème.

After having consulted the answers to these exercises on scratch in 9th grade, you can go back to the exercises in 3rd grade.

Third grade exercises.

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