Multiplication: answer key to 6th grade math exercises in PDF.

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Answer key to 6th grade math exercises on multiplication. To know how to multiply in columns and solve different problems in the sixth grade.

Exercise 1:

By doing the calculations, give the result of the following operations:

382 26 = 9932

34.9 \times  49=1,710.1

4.6 70.9 = 326,14

19.78 \times  59.33 =

1 173,5474

Exercise 2:

On a shelf 80 cm wide, I stored 20 books 2.7 cm thick.

1) How much space is available?

20\times  \,2,7=54


There are 26 cm left.

2) Can I store another 10 books of the same thickness?

10\times  \,2,7=27

No, I won’t be able to store 10 more of the same books because I would be missing 1 cm.


Exercise 3:

1) What do we call the numbers we add?

The terms

2) What do we call the numbers we multiply?

The factors

3) What do you call the result of a multiplication?

The product

4) What do you call the result of a subtraction?

The difference

Exercise 4:

Showing the details of the calculations, perform the following multiplications as simply as possible:

5\times  \,3,24\times  \,2=5\times  \,2\times  \,3,24=10\times  \,3,24=32,4

9\times  \,0,25\times  \,11\times  \,4=9\times  \,11\times  \,0,25\times  \,4=99\times  \,1=99

Exercise 5:

Directly on this statement, complete the following operations:

3.4 \times  100 = 340

3,47 \times  10 = 34,7

0.58 \times  0.1 = 0,058

0.02 \times  1000 = 20

5923\times  0.01 = 59,23

34.78\times  0,01 = 0.3478

564.8\times  100 =56\,480

0.28 \times  1\,000 = 280

0.002 \times  0.1 = 0,000\,2

10 \times  0.01 = 0,1

1000 \times  0,01 = 10

124.8 \times  0.01 = 1,248

Exercise 6:

I bought 6.8 meters of curtains sold 9.7 € per meter and a ribbon sold 9.47 €.

I paid with a 100 € bill.

How much do I get back?

6,8\times  \,9,7+9,47=65,96+9,47=75,43


I will be given back 24,57 euros.

Exercise 7:

In a container, 14 motorcycles are stored, each weighing 175.6 kilograms. The empty container weighs 1.7 tons.

Can we weigh the whole thing on a scale that accepts a maximum load of 4 tons? Justify.

14\times  \,175,6=2\,458,4 kg

1.7 t = 1,700 kg

1700+2\,458,4=4158,4 kg =4,1584\,t

The total mass exceeds 4 tons so we will not be able to weigh it all on this scale.

6th grade math exercises corrected in PDF

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The exercises in the sixth grade.

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