Asia 2019 : maths patent with subject and answer key

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Diplôme National du Brevet
Session 2019
Topic Asia
Monday, June 23, 2019

General Series
Duration of the test: 2 hours – 100 points

Exercise 1 : 14 points
Nina and Claire each have a calculation program.

Brevet maths 2019 Asia

1. Show that if both girls choose 1 as their starting number, Nina will get a final result 4 times larger
than Claire’s.
2. What starting number must Nina choose to get 0 at the end?
3. Nina says to Claire: “If we choose the same starting number, my result will always be four times greater than yours”.
Is she right?

Exercise 2 11 points
The table below presents the greenhouse gas emissions for France and the European Union, in millions of
tons of CO2 equivalent, in 1990 and 2013.

Brevet maths 2019 Asia

1. Between 1990 and 2013, greenhouse gas emissions in the European Union decreased by 21%.
How much greenhouse gas was emitted in 2013 by the European Union?
Give an answer to the nearest 0.1 million tons of CO2 equivalent.
2. France is committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by \frac{2}{5} by 2030 compared to 1990.
Justify that this corresponds to a reduction of approximately \frac{1}{3} in France’s greenhouse gas emissions compared to 2013.

Exercise 3: 17 points
A program allows a robot to move on the squares of a grid. Each square reached
is colored in gray. At the beginning of a program, all the boxes are white, the robot positions itself
on a starting square marked with a “d” and immediately colors it in gray.

Brevet maths 2019 Asia

Here are examples of programs and their effects:

Brevet maths 2019 Asia

1. Here is a program:
Program: 1W 2N 2E 4S 2W
We want to draw the pattern obtained with this program.
On your copy, make this pattern using tiles, as in the previous examples. A “d” will be marked on the starting square.
2. Here are two programs:
Program #1: 1S 3(1N 3E 2S)
Program #2: 3(1S 1N 3E 1S)
a. Which of the two programs produces the pattern shown on the right?
b. Explain why the other program does not produce the pattern below.

Brevet maths 2019 Asia

3. Here is another program:
Program #3: 4(1S 1E 1N)
It gives the following result:

Brevet maths 2019 Asia

Rewrite this program #3 by changing only one instruction to obtain this:

Brevet maths 2019 Asia

Exercise 4 : 16 points
To make a well in her garden, Mrs. Martin needs to buy 5 concrete cylinders like the one described below.
In its trailer, it has the space to put the 5 cylinders but it can only carry a maximum of 500 kg.
Using the characteristics of the cylinder, determine the minimum number of round trips required for Mrs. Martin to bring back her 5 cylinders with her trailer.

Brevet maths 2019 Asia

Reminder: volume of a cylinder V = \pi×radius×height

Exercise 5 : 12 points
The figure below is coded and made freehand.

Brevet maths 2019 Asia
It represents a quadrilateral ABCD whose diagonals intersect at a point O.
We give: OA = 3.5 cm and AB = 5 cm.

We are interested in the nature of the quadrilateral ABCD which has been represented.
1. Can we affirm that ABCD is a rectangle ?
2. Can we say that ABCD is a square?

Exercise 6 : 14 points
Here is a table (document 1) concerning “diesel or gasoline” passenger cars in circulation in France in 2014.

Brevet maths 2019 Asia

1. Verify that there were 31,725,000 “diesel or gasoline” cars in circulation in France in 2014.
2. What is the proportion of gasoline cars among “diesel or gasoline” cars in circulation in France in 2014?
Express this proportion as a percentage.
The result will be rounded to the unit.
3. At the end of December 2014, during a TV game show, a car was drawn from among the “diesel or gasoline” cars on the road in France. The owner of the car drawn was then offered to trade it in for a new electric vehicle.
The presenter called Hugo, the lucky owner of the car drawn.
Here is an excerpt from the dialogue (document 2) between the presenter and Hugo:

Brevet maths 2019 Asia

Using the data in Handout 1 and Handout 2:
3.a Explain why the presenter thinks Hugo has a diesel vehicle.
3.b Explain whether it is possible that Hugo’s car is a gasoline vehicle.

Exercise 7 : 16 points
The graphical representations C1 and C2 of two functions are given in the reference frame below.
One of these two functions is the function f defined by f (x) = -2x+8.

Brevet maths 2019 Asia

1. Which of these two representations is that of the function f ?
2. What is f (3) ?
3. Calculate the number whose image is 6 by the function f .
4. The spreadsheet below is used to calculate images by the function f .

Brevet maths 2019 Asia

What formula can be entered in cell B2 before stretching it to the right to cell G2?

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