Math tests to download or print.

A database of mathematics tests for all levels from middle school to high school (sixth, fifth, fourth, third, second, first and last year).

Many topics that allow you to revise online and prepare yourself in the best conditions to pass your DS.We try to add the maximum of topics from middle school to high school by trying to target all chapters of the programs.

In addition to all the online exercises and MCQs, Mathovore provides its members and visitors with math tests to finalize their revision and preparation for
the supervised math homework concerning each chapter of the official national education program.

Mathematics tests from middle school to high school


Supervised homework in the sixth grade


Mathematics tests in fifth grade (5ème)


Eighth grade math tests.


Mathematics tests in third grade (3ème)


Second grade math tests

First s

Mathematics tests in the first year (1ère s)

Terminale s

Supervised homework in the final year of secondary school (tnale s)

How to pass your math test?

In order to succeed in your supervised assignment, you must first master all the content of your lesson, whether it be the definitions, theorems or properties.

It is also necessary to understand in which situation you are going to use such property and such theorem. What data or assumptions are needed to apply them?

Then, there is no miracle cure, like a sportsman or a musician, it is necessary to practise regularly on a great variety of exercises like those of the national education going from a traditional situation to much more complex and technical situations.

Make summary sheets to be completely assimilated and method sheets on different situations.

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