6th grade math tests and practice tests online

6th grade

6th grade You want to review a chapter before an assessment or a proctored math assignment.

You have worked on the series of exercises, you can finalize your revisions and make the list of the following math tests that cover all the chapters of the sixth grade.

  1. Angles and constructions.
  2. Graduated axis and straight line .
  3. Graduated axis, numbers and calculations, axial symmetry .
  4. Map of France and right .
  5. Line and construction, coding of figures .
  6. Right and tables .
  7. Writing and numbers.
  8. Fractions, lines and circles .
  9. Fractions and problems .
  10. Numbers and frames.
  11. Numbers and graduated axis .
  12. Numbers and angles.
  13. Numbers, circle and line.
  14. Numbers and geometric constrcutions.
  15. Numbers, construction and pattern of figures.
  16. Numbers and problems.
  17. Numbers, problems and lines, constructions .
  18. Operations, problems and constructions .
  19. Operations.
  20. Parallels, perpendiculars and problems.
  21. Problem of divisibility and angles .
  22. Problem and operation.
  23. Problem and symmetry.
  24. Problem and right.
  25. Problem set.
  26. Statistics and lines .

The tests and supervised math homework in 6th grade.

6th grade math test

  • The main chapters of the sixth grade curriculum are covered in these tests (numbers, axial symmetry, compass and protractor construction, the perpendicular bisector of a segment, the bisector of an angle, fractions, proportionality, etc.)Each proctored assignment covers a minimum of two chapters of the mathematics curriculum.

All of these topics are in line with the officialnational education programs for the sixth grade.

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