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Brevet des collèges
Polynesia June 23, 2022
Duration: 2 hours

Exercise 1: 20 points.
For each of the following four statements, say whether it is true or false and explain
carefully the answer.
1. Adriana must perform the following calculation: -\frac{7}{5}+\frac{6}{5}\times  \,\frac{4}{7}
Assertion 1: The result she gets as an irreducible fraction is -\frac{4}{35}.
2. In the figure below, which is not to scale, the points G, A and R are aligned and the
points E, A and M are aligned.

Assertion 2: Lines (GE) and (MR) are parallel.
3. Assertion 3: The prime factor decomposition of 126 is 2×7×9.
4. In Thomas’ salad dressing recipe, the volumes of mustard, vinegar
and oil are in the ratio of 1 : 3 : 7.
5. Assertion 4: To make 330 mL of salad dressing, 210 mL of oil must be used.

Exercise 2: 16 points.
The graph below represents the two prices charged in a gym, according to the
number of hours worked :
– the line (d1) is the graphical representation of the “freedom” tariff
– the line (d2) is the graphical representation of the “subscriber” rate
patent maths polynesia 2022 2
1. Is the price paid with the “freedom” rate proportional to the number of hours worked
in the gym? Explain the answer.

2. We call:
– f is the function which, to the number of hours worked, associates the price paid in euro
with the “freedom” rate
– g is the function which, to the number of hours worked, associates the price paid in euro
with the “subscriber” rate
Answer the following questions by graphical reading:
a. What is the image of 5 by the function f?
b. What is the antecedent of 10 by the function g?

3. Using the graph, indicate which of the two proposed rates is more advantageous for an individual depending on the number of hours he or she wishes to work in the

4. Determine the price paid with the “freedom” rate for 15 hours worked.
Explain the process, even if it is not complete.

Exercise 3: 23 points.
The two parts of this exercise are independent.
A company produces and sells fruit juices contained in cardboard boxes that have
the shape of a right block.

PART A: Apple juice cartons.
These cartons are made to hold 350 mL of apple juice.
During an inspection, 24 bricks are randomly taken and analyzed.
The table below gives the volume of apple juice (in mL) contained in these cartons:
patent maths polynesia 2022 3
1. Determine the median of the volumes in this series. Interpret this result.
2. Calculate the range of this series.
3. We take at random a brick among those controlled, what is the probability
that it contains exactly 350 mL of apple juice?
4. When the volume of apple juice in a carton is between 345 mL
and 355 mL, this brick can be sold.
What is the percentage of bricks that the company can sell among the bricks

PART B: Grape juice cartons.

The company wants to market a new brick in the shape of a straight block for grape juice. Its base is a rectangle of length 6.4 cm and width 5 cm.
1. Calculate the area of the base of this brick
2. How high must this brick be for its volume to be 400 cm^3?
patent maths polynesia 2022 4

Exercise 4: 20 points.
We consider the following calculation program:

patent maths polynesia 2022 5
1. a. If you choose the number 7, check that you get 49 at the end of the program
b. If we choose the number -4, what result do we get at the end of the program?
2. We note x the number chosen at the beginning
a. Express the result as a function of x.
b. Expand and reduce (x +5)(x -5).
c. Sarah says, “With this calculation program, no matter what number is chosen at the beginning, the result is always the square of the starting number.
What do you think about it?

Exercise 5: 23 points.
The Pompidou Center is a museum of contemporary art in Paris. To access the floors, a set of external escalators called “caterpillar” must be used.
The caterpillar is composed of 5 escalators all identical (thick lines on the figure below) and 6 horizontal walkways all identical (thin horizontal lines on the figure below).

patent maths polynesia 2022 6

1. Using the figure below:

patent maths polynesia 2022 7
a. Check that the depth p of each escalator is equal to 12 m.
b. Calculate the height h of each escalator.
2. Using the RST triangle below:

patent maths polynesia 2022 8
a. Prove that the ST length of an escalator is 13.6 m.
b. Show that the measure of the angle formed by the escalator with the horizontal (i.e.
the angle \widehat{RST} rounded to the degree is 28°.

2. Sabine wants to represent the caterpillar with the Scratch software.
She wrote the program that is given on the APPENDIX.

We specify that: 1 step of the software corresponds to 1 m in reality.
Complete lines 6, 7, 9, and 10, on the APPENDIX (to be returned with the copy), to obtain
the following plot of the caterpillar:
patent maths polynesia 2022 9
Reminder: “Orienting at 90” means that you are oriented to the right

To be completed and returned with the copy

Exercise 5 question 3:

patent maths polynesia 2022 10

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