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Scratch is an easy-to-use software and the initiation is fun to make students discover algorithms, video games, dynamic figures and many other things.

Scratch bricks
Scratch bricks

The algorithm and programming part in middle school math has just been inserted in the new cycle 4 programs (fifth, fourth and third) following the middle school reform of 2016 with scratch.

The visual aspect of the software is formed by three categories:
The first column: it gathers different tools that can be used (movement, appearance, sound, pen, variable or data, events, controls, sensors, operators, block additions) in order to create or set up the desired program.

On this page you will find many exercises, activities and challenges to do in class as well as various games and programs.

Programming and Algorithm worksheets  in junior high school

  1. Fifth
  2. Fourth
  3. third

Missions with challenges to solve with scratch

You will find 30 missions to be realized with scratch with many different programs

that will allow you to get familiar with the software.

Develop your programming and algorithm creation skills by completing these various online assignments.

Programs and games created with Scratch

On Mathovore, we offer you many examples of creations with scratch software with screenshots. These files range from simple creations to much more sophisticated ones like mini video games.

  1. Convert an integer to binary code
  2. Count the number of 2 between 1 and 100
  3. The code of the safe

Determine a number between 100 and 400.

The purpose of the following exercise, which can be presented as an activity, is to solve the following problem:

“I am a whole number between 100 and 400.I am even.I am divisible by 11.I also have 3 and 5 as divisors.Who am I?”

The following concepts will come into play in the program:

  • variable
  • loop
  • modulo
  • condition

Scratch exercise

Find a three-digit number.

This exercise with scratch has for objective to create a program which will determine all the three digits numbers solution of the problem.


Find a three-digit number that is divisible by 9 and such that the sum of the units and hundreds is equal to the tens digit.

Find a three-digit number.

Draw several nested polygons.

An exercise where the objective is to draw nine nested polygons. The triangle, the square, the quadrilateral, the pentagon, the hexagon.

Interlocking polygons with scratch

In this exercise, we will use the following tools:

  • the drawing tool;
  • the variables
  • movements
  • the loops.

Draw the Yin and Yang symbol.

An exercise with scratch in middle school where the objective is to draw the yin and yang symbol.

It is necessary to know how to draw a disc.

We will use in this program :

  • the loops
  • the pen block

Yin and yang with scratch


To increase the execution of this program and speed up the plot, you can switch to turbo mode by performing the following keystrokes:

Trubo mode

Create the Google G symbol.

The purpose of this exercise is to create the google symbol.

You have to know how to draw a record with scratch.

G symbol of google

In this activity, we will find the following concepts:

  1. use of the drawing;
  2. creation of loops;
  3. use of variables.

Here are the different bricks used as a help:

Algorithm with scratch

Tip: to speed up the execution of the program, switch to TURBO mode and perform the following sequence:

Turbo mode

Calculate the sum of the first n consecutive integers.

The objective of this exercise is to calculate the sum of the first n consecutive integers with scratch.

The user enters the chosen integer n and the program calculates the sum of n consecutive integers, i.e. the sum 1+2+3+….+n.

Compute the sum of the first n consecutive integers

We will use in this program :

  1. variables;
  2. the loops;
  3. conditions.

We will test if the number entered is a decimal or a negative number and warn the user in this case.

Here are some of the bricks used:

Algorithm with scratch

Find a six-digit number.

A problem that can be done in class as an exercise or activity and is affordable since the sixth grade.

This problem can also be given to Cycle 4 students in fifth, fourth or third grade.

The criteria of divisibility must be assimilated in order to solve this exercise.

Write a six-digit number where each of the digits 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 appears only once
times , and such that(from the left) :

  1. the number formed by the first two digits is divisible by 2,
  2. the number formed by the first three digits is divisible by 3,
  3. the number formed by the first four digits is divisible by 4,
  4. the number formed by the first five digits is divisible by 5,
  5. the number formed by the six digits is divisible by 6.

Then look for all six-digit numbers that meet these conditions.
Find a six-digit number with scratch.

Improved solution of this program:

The problem with the previous program is that it stops as soon as it has found a solution to this problem.

However, it does not allow us to know if other solutions to this problem exist.

The following program, which is an improved version, will provide us with the exact number of solutions and their values.

total scratch solutions

Draw the symbol of radioactivity.

The objective of this exercise is to draw the logo and symbol of radioactivity with the help of disks and portions of disks.

Draw the symbol of radioactivity.

Create a 3D fountain.

Exercise with scratch where the objective is to draw a fountain in three dimensions with the pen block.

Create a 3D fountain.

The objective of this exercise is to draw the google logo using scratch software.

Draw the Google logo.

Drawing of concentric disc sectors.

An exercise with scratch where you have to draw concentric discs with the scratch software in middle school. Use of the plot block and variables.

Concentric disc scorers

The Pythagorean snail.

ThePythagorean snail to be made with scratch the programming software in college. The objective is to create a program that will trace this snail step by step.

We start with an isosceles right triangle, the figure above specifies the length of the hypotenuse of each of the triangles forming this snail.

Pythagorean snail

Hints: think about using the “square root” and “arctan” brick and then create variables.

Pythagoras snail with scratch

Problem of the maximum area of an enclosure.

A farmer has purchased 40 m of wire mesh; he wants to build a rectangular enclosure against a 28 m long wall of his barn.

He wishes to offer the maximum space to his ewes by using the fence.


Create a program with scratch that allows you to deduce the dimensions of the maximum area enclosure.

Problem of the maximum area of an enclosure.

The carpet of Sierpinski.

The objective of this exercise is to create with scratch and the drawing tool the Sierpinski carpet.

The carpet of Sierpinski.

Dodecagon of Sierpinski.

The objective of this exercise is to create the Sierspinski dodecagon.

This figure is made of a hexagon, squares and equilateral triangles.

Dodecagon of Sierpinski

Here is the final rendering:

Please wait for the scratch file to load ….

Find a non-zero 4-digit number such that 4abcd=dcba.

The objective of this exercise is to determine a four-digit non-zero integer such as 4\,\times  \,abcd=dcba (inverted number).

Consider creating four variables a,b,c and d.

Problem with scratch

Solution by calculation:
Let abcd be the first non-zero integer then 1\,000\,<\,abcd\,<\,10\,000
Hence: 4\,000\,<\,dcba\,<\,40\,000
According to the statement dcba is a non-zero integer with 4 digits.
Hence: 4\,000\,<\,dcba\,<\,10\,000
We know that dcba is a multiple of 4, so its last two digits form a multiple of 4.
thus ab\,\in\,\{\,21,23\,\,\}
21cd\,\times  \,4\,=\,dc12
23cd\,\times  \,4\,=\,dc32
21c8\,\times  \,4\,=\,8c12
23c9\,\times  \,4\,=\,9c32
In conclusion:
2178\,\times  \,4\,=\,8712
Thus the integer sought is 2178.

Calculation of the length of a spiral.

An open problem with scratch where the challenge is to create a program that calculates the length in meters of a given spiral.


Nori has a sheet of graph paper, on which the squares have a side of 1 cm.

He begins to draw a spiral like the one you see in the figure; he starts from A, moves horizontally 6 tiles, then vertically 1 tile, then again horizontally 7 tiles, then vertically 2 tiles, and so on.


Nori stops after the fiftieth horizontal segment.

How many centimeters is the spiral drawn by Nori?

The wheel that turns.

The objective of this challenge is to make a wheel with scratch that turns using rectangles.

Spinning wheel

A 3d trampoline.

The objective of this exercise is to create a program with scratch where the sprite moves on a three dimensional trampoline.


Here is the final rendering:

Please wait for the scratch file to load…

The Euler spiral.

The objective of this exercise is to create the Euler spiral with scratch.

Euler spiral

Calculate the volume, height and radius of a cylinder.

The objective of this exercise is to create a program with scratch to calculate the volume or the radius or the height of a given cylinder.

Height of a cylinder

Olympic Rings.

The objective of this challenge is to create the Olympic rings with scratch.

Don’t forget to interlock the rings to make a chain.

Olympic Rings

Here are the bricks used to create this program:

Help with the Olympic rings with Scratch

Calculation of the height of a cathedral.

The objective of this exercise is to calculate a distance using trigonometry in the right triangle and Scratch.

Consider this cathedral which is 140 meters high.

Cathedral height

Calculate the minimum distance OH so that the cathedral appears entirely in the lens.

Quiz on relative numbers.

A quiz that will allow you to test your knowledge of relative numbers with scratch.

A quiz that contains 10 questions.

Test your knowledge of operating priorities and relative numbers with this quiz.

Euclid’s algorithm.

Creation of Euclid’s algorithm with the Scratch software.

This script asks the user for two integers and the program will use Euclid’s algorithm

to determine the GCD of these two integers.

Euclid's algorithm

Each category has different instructions that we can use.
The central column: It allows us to drag bricks that represent instructions that are steps in the
program. Each instruction has a particular form, so they can only be nested in one direction.
The last column on the right: It gives the visual rendering of the program and allows you to see the rendering after launching it with an initialization instruction (in particular on the upper part: the cat, the flag that launches the script and the red disk that allows you to stop it).

The designs can range from the simplest to much more technical and complicated scripts showing different sprites but also the possibility to switch between different backgrounds.


The user does not need to know any programming language in order to be able to learn and use the scratch software.

Each function (movement, test, sounds,…) is recorded in bricks that you just have to use in the right order.

This very fun software will allow students to discover algorithmic and to set up more and more complex algorithms using loops, conditions, tests, comparisons, variables, etc…

Definition of an algorithm and programming

You have assimilated the course on scratch and programming?

Take this math quiz on SCRATCH to test your knowledge of this lesson.

Initiation à l'algorithmique avec le logiciel SCRATCH

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