Scratch : corrected algorithms and programming exercises in 4th grade in PDF.

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Answers to the programming exercises with scratch in the fourth grade of cycle 4.

Exercise 1:

What does the leprechaun announce at the end of the program?


This sprite announces 2*(10+1)=2*11=22.

Exercise 2:

What is the value of the number variable at the end of these two programs?


Program 1: 0+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1=10

Program 2: 0+1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10=55

Exercise 3:

What plot do you get with this program?

What is the abscissa of the ball sprite once the program is executed?


The program executes plot 3.

Exercise 4:

What does the cat say at the end of the program?


The program quotes the numbers from the list.

Exercise 5:

We ran the program and entered 13 and 8.

What were the elf’s responses?


The elf’s responses are “That doesn’t work for me” and then “Thank you!”.

Exercise 6:

What does the cat say at the end of the program?


The cat says the whole list of numbers contained in maliste.

Exercise 7:

The user has entered the values 15 and 9.

What are the values of variables a and b at the end of each of these two programs?scratch-ex7

Program 1: a=9 and b=15.

Program 2: a=9 and b= 9.

Program 3: a=9 and b= 9.

Exercise 8:

If the butterfly touches the bat then the game is lost!

But the program does not work.

Why is this?


The program does not work because of the “stop-all” brick.

Exercise 9:

Which instruction calculates 3 + 4×5 – 2?


This is instruction 4.

Exercise 10:

Is it possible that the cat announces 750?

What is the maximum number that can be obtained?


This program will provide as maximum result :

10\times  ,9\times  ,8+10+9+8=720+27=747.

It is impossible for this program to provide 750.

The answers to the exercises on Scratch in 4th grade.

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