3rd grade math worksheets to print in PDF or download.

In elementary school, third graders really enter the world of numbers, as part of the
structured learning in third grade. They begin to build what is traditionally called number sense and operations with 3rd grade math worksheets.
Throughout the cycle, and even before they have the first elements of calculation, students in CE2 are confronted with such problems, and the personal solutions they develop evolve at the same time as their knowledge of numbers and calculation, in particular mental calculation, is affirmed.
At the end of Cycle 2, some of these problems, initially solved by personal procedures, can be solved expertly: in this case, the students quickly recognize which type of calculation is involved in solving the problem, and the calculation can be done with a calculator or by reflexive calculation.
In all cases, third graders should be required to formulate a written response to the
question asked.

Math worksheets  on numbers and numerical calculations in 3rd grade

Exercise 1: bookstore problem.
When he entered the bookshop, Mr. Lepic had 100 €. When he leaves, he has 40 € left.

Did he buy :

– 4 books at 10€ a book?
– 3 books at 15€ per book?
– 5 albums at 12€ a book?

Calculate and write the correct answer.


Exercise 2: Filling up with gas.

Dad fills up his car with gas every week.

The tank contains 50 liters.

How much does the car consume in 4 weeks?


Exercise 3: time problem.

Marie lives 15 minutes from the school, she starts in the morning at 8:30 am.
What time does she have to leave to arrive just in time.


Exercise 4: Write down the time.

Exercise 5: Bakery.
The baker sold 20 cakes at 3 euros each, how much did he collect?


Exercise 6: piggy bank.

Kevin has 175 euros in his piggy bank.
For his birthday, his grandmother gives him 35 euros.
How much money does Kevin have now?

Piggy bank

Exercise 7: Pose and perform the following operations:

180 – 77 =
137 + 275 =
327 x 45 =
366 : 6 =

Exercise 8: numbers and vocabulary.
Write down the numbers.
The half of 20: … ……………..
Half of 50 : … …………….. Triple of 100: … ……………..
The quarter of 100 : … …………….. The half of 100 : … ……………..
Double of 1,000: … …………….. Half of 800: … ……………..

Exercise 9: Write in numbers and letters.

Write in numbers: six hundred and forty-seven thousand five hundred and thirteen.

Write the number in words:

720 000

223 807

Exercise 10: Sharing.
1 – For the snack, Mom shares a package of 24 pancakes equally among her 4 children.
What will each child’s share be?

2 – A landscaper has 24 tulip bulbs to divide between 3 beds.

How many bulbs will he plant in each bed?

3 – Two people, who played together, won €4,600 in a sports lottery.

How much money does each of them get?

4 – A worker receives a monthly salary of 2,000 €. He works 20 days a month.

What is his daily salary?

5 – A mosquito flaps its wings 120,000 times per minute.

How many beats per second is that?

6 – An Olympic stadium track is 400 meters long.

How many laps will the runners have to complete to cover 2,000 meters?

Exercise 11: problems and logic.
1 – Goldfish, cat, dog, bird.
Mélanie, Alix and Silvère each have an animal.

Alix does not like furry animals.

Silvère is afraid of dogs and Melanie loves her animal’s song.

What is each child’s pet?

2 – Julien , Ida , Arnaud , Emma and Marc are racing.

Emma arrived before Arnaud and just behind Marc.

Julien arrived two places in front of Emma, but behind Ida.

Arrange these children in the order they arrived.

3 – 2 235 Kg – 1 450 Kg – 2 000 Kg – 2 260 Kg

The bull weighs 260 kg more than the marine crocodile.

The marine crocodile weighs 235 kg less than the sunfish.

As for the horse, its weight is 810 kg less than that of the bull.

Find the mass of each animal in the list.

4 – Buzzard – Goldfinch – Duck – Pigeon

The buzzard flies four times faster than the goldfinch.

The speed of the duck is three times that of the goldfinch.

The goldfinch beats the pigeon by 30 km/h.

Rank these birds from slowest to fastest.

Exercise 12: Addition, subtraction and problems.
1 – Mom buys a veal roast for 16 €, four cutlets for 8 € and a leg of lamb for 11 € from the butcher.

How much did she spend?

2 – During the first week of the race, the riders of the Tour de France completed 6 successive stages of 30 km, 205 km, 173 km, 294 km, 188 km and 265 km.

How far did they travel in that first week?

3 – The age difference between Catherine and her father is 29 years.

How old is Catherine if her father is 48?

4 – In France, on average 800,000 children are born and 550,000 people die each year.

What is the annual increase of the French population?

5 – Mom gives her daughter 20 € to buy a magazine for 5 € and a comic book for 3 €.

How much money does his daughter need to bring in?

Exercise 13: problems and find the question.
In each of the following problems, highlight the question that solves it. Write the appropriate operation. Then calculate.

1 – One dictionary totaled 1,094 pages. The new edition has 72 more.

What is the new price of this dictionary?

How many pages does this new dictionary have?

2 – A dictionary is worth 11 €. It increases by 2 €.

What is the new price of the dictionary?

How many pages does the new dictionary have?

3 – Mom has prepared 6 jars of jam, each weighing 350 g.

How many pots did Mom make?

How much jam did Mom make?

How long did it take Mom to make her jams?

4 – France has 3,100 km of coastline (maritime borders) and 2,100 km of land borders.

What is the total area of France?

What is the total length of the French borders?

What is the total mass of France?

5 – Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world, reaches 8,880 m. Mont Blanc, the highest peak in Europe, reaches only 4 807 m.

What is the difference in altitude between the two peaks?

What is the highest peak?

What is the altitude of Mont Blanc?

Exercise 14: write numbers in figures or letters.

Writing in letters:


1 234

60 500

3 040

10 002

Exercise 15:

Write the following numbers in figures:

four hundred and seventy-nine

three thousand two hundred

thirty thousand

two thousand five hundred and ten

one hundred and thirty-one thousand two hundred and thirty-one

Exercise 16:
In each number, circle the number of :

tens of simple units: 1 154 – 50 812 – 426 235 – 900 320

units of thousand: 6,376 – 56,003 – 452,251

hundreds of thousands: 356 200 – 500 666 – 987 654

Geometry exercises in third grade

Third grade geometry exercises to do online or print in PDF format. These exercises will help your child to improve his or her math skills in third grade and then to fill in the gaps if he or she works regularly and thoroughly.

Exercise 17: arrange lengths in ascending order.
Arrange these lengths from smallest to largest:

8 mm – 8 km – 8 m – 8 cm

Exercise 18: units of measurement.
Complete the following sentences with the correct units of measurement (gram, meter),
euro, liter, minute).

Recess lasts 15 .

A magazine costs 3 .

A tennis ball weighs 57.

The tank of my parents’ car contains 55.

I live 200…. from the school.
Exercise 19: geometry and solid.
What is the name of this solid?
Color one side blue.
Color an edge in red.
What is point A called?


Exercise 20: construction and axial symmetry.
Reproduce the gray figure with your ruler on the other side of the axis of symmetry.

axial symmetry

Exercise 22: length measurements.

What unit will you use to measure? Choose from: mm, cm, m, km

● the length of the yard : 80 … ● the distance between Paris and Lyon : 500 .

● the thickness of a quire: 3 … ● the length of a notebook: 22 …

● the length of a pool: 50 …

Exercise 23:

Draw the following segments:

AB = 9 cm

CD = 10 cm

EF = 50 mm

GH: measure between 7 cm and 8 cm.

IJ: measurement between 1 dm and 2 dm.

Exercise 24:

Complete the following equations.

1 m = . . cm 1 dm = . . cm 1 cm = … . mm

1 dam = . . m 5,000 m = . . km 10 000 m = … km

1 hm = … m 300 cm = . . m 20 mm = … cm


You can download and print for free this document “Exercises of maths in CE2” in PDF format.

Download these math exercises for third grade.

Math in third grade
Math in third grade

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