12th grade math lessons for download in PDF or printable free.

12th grade

Math lessons for the 12th grade of high school that you can download as a free PDF file and print out for the many chapters of this level, which is the last stage of high school and ends with the 4-hour SAT exams.

The lessons cover all the chapters such as numbers, complexes, the study of exponential and logarithmic functions, integrals and primitives, differential equations, numerical sequences as well as the speciality teaching in the 12th grade of high school.

All of these lessons complement your teacher’s lessons and give you another view and explanation to approach this lesson in order to master it. You can download all these lessons for free in PDF format.

Compulsory education.

  1. Combinatorial logic
  2. Reasoning by recurrence.
  3. The complex numbers
  4. Conjugate, modulus and argument
  5. Continuity and intermediate value theorem.
  6. Derivative and derivation of a function.
  7. Calculation of integrals and integration
  8. The neperian logarithm function.
  9. The exponential function
  10. The scalar product
  11. Limits and asymptotes.
  12. Numerical sequences
  13. Geometry in space.
  14. Conditional probabilities.

Specialty lessons.

  1. Arithmetic
  2. Divisibility and congruences
  3. PGCD of two natural numbers
  4. Bezout’s theorem
  5. Gauss’ theorem
  6. Matrices and operations
  7. Suite of matrices

Assimilate and master the content of the math lessons in the 12th grade of high school

12th grade
Last year of high school before starting post-baccalaureate studies and then taking the final step before entering the workforce.

The 12th grade of high school is long and requires a lot of investment and personal work throughout the school year in order to consolidate what has been learned but also to develop knowledge and skills in the subject.

You will find all the chapters of the compulsory education but also, those of the speciality education. These math lessons for the 12th grade of high school have been written in strict accordance with the texts of the official national education programs and have been put online by a group of professors who have been trained in the same way as the official national education programs.

A decisive year for the continuation of your schooling with the deadline of the SAT and university studies. Many different notions will be studied such as the study of complex numbers with the real and imaginary part. Know how to give the algebraic or exponential writing and master the Euler and Moivre formulas. The study of numerical sequences will be deepened with the sense of variation and the study of limits at infinity. You will find the same notions as in your school books (Nathan, Hatier, Sésamaths,…). To develop know-how with the study of the derivative of a function but also, with the calculation of the primitive and in a second time, the study of an integral.

We will develop the notions of geometry in space with the scalar product in space, the study of sections of solids and parametric curves. Consolidate knowledge of matrices with the study of diagonalization and the inverse of a matrix.

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