6th grade math : lessons and worksheets with answers to download in PDF.

6th grade

6th grade math with all the lessons and exercises of mathematics in the sixth grade.
These are sorted from the most recent to the oldest by date of publication.Not much new in the sixth grade curriculum but mainly remediation and consolidation of primary learning.Your child can work in total autonomy on Mathovore and for free.A student providing regular and serious work will see his or her results increase throughout the school year.Easy and more complicated problems to solve online.With the new middle school reform, sixth graders are in cycle 3.

Decimal numbers and numeration

The 4 operations in 6th grade

Divisions and problems

Parallel and perpendicular lines

The perpendicular bisector of a segment

The angles and bisectors

Circle, triangle and quadrilateral

Axial symmetry

Fractional writing

Perimeters and areas

Percentages and proportionality

Right block and volume

How to succeed in 6th grade math efficiently?

6th grade mathThis site is a good complement to the sessions carried out in class by your teacher, it allows the student to work in total autonomy on various supports (computer PC, tablet and telephone) with lessons complete and respecting the official programs of mathematics for the class of sixth (6ème) in cycle 3 of the college. In complement of the lessons, many exercises so that the Net surfer can exert himself on line and revise its chapters.

Many resources are available, including tests that the student can complete to prepare for the next assignment. Mathovore aims to allow all students in 6th grade math to progress at their own pace and to develop their skills throughout the school year.

All these documents are in accordance with the official programs of the national education.

A team of teachers will also help you on the forum if you have difficulties to solve an exercise or if you have not understood a point of the course.

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