8th grade math : lessons and worksheets with answers to download in PDF.

8th grade

8th grade math With the entire fourth grade curriculum covered with lessons and worksheets on each chapter of the official program, from the famous Pythagorean theorem to relative numbers and literal calculation, each student willing to review online will have the opportunity to consolidate their knowledge with these lessons and to succeed in the fourth grade school year in the best conditions.

Relative numbers in 8th grade

The Pythagorean theorem

Fractions and relative numbers

Translation and rotation

Powers of 10

Literal calculation and double distributivity

Powers of any number

Cosine of an acute angle

Pyramids and cones

Proportionality and percentages


Succeed in 8th grade math with all online resources

8th grade mathMany fundamental chapters are studied in the fourth grade, such as relative numbers and the four operations, including the sign rule and the famous Pythagorean theorem with its direct and reciprocal parts.

The student will also be introduced to mathematical demonstration in order to develop rigor in his or her writing. Many open problems allow for work in groups and encourage initiative and the development of scientific reasoning. Revise by doing a lot of supervised homework in eighth grade.

Through the many courses of 8th grade math but also all the corrected exercises that are regularly written by a team of teachers from the French national education system, the members of mathovore and its visitors have all the resources they need to succeed in junior high school.

All these documents are in accordance with the official programs of the national education.

The algorithm and programming part will be developed through the scratch software.

Numerous course sequences and practical work are put online as well as exercises so that the student can manipulate and become comfortable with this software.

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