9th grade math : lessons and worksheets with answers to download in PDF.

9th grade

9th grade math The objective is to allow each student to prepare his last year of college in the best conditions with all the materials available online that will ensure a progression by providing regular work and constant involvement throughout the school year.

Arithmetic and prime numbers

The Thales theorem in 3rd grade

Trigonometry in the right triangle

Reductions and enlargements

Literal calculation


Equations of the first degree

Flat sections, enlargements and reductions

Linear functions

Affine functions


The probabilities

Succeed in maths in 9th grade with all the available sheets

9th grade mathThe last year of junior high school, the class of ninth grade (9th) ends with the test of the GCSE (All the lessons of the official program of the French National Education are available on Mathovore and in addition the students have the possibility to try to solve the hundreds of worksheets put online with their answers in order to practice and to progress on each chapter in total autonomy.

The Internet user can also take the different MCQs of math in 9th grade in order to check if they have acquired the different concepts but also to develop their skills throughout the school year. supervised homework and math tests are available to prepare for future homework.

All these documents are in accordance with the official programs of the national education.

For the algorithm and programming part of junior high school, we will use the scratch software which allows the student to create algorithms in a playful way from simple worksheets to much more complex situations such as the creation of 2D video games.

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