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With such well explained solutions, math lessons in 6th, 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st and 12th grade will finally be simple to learn in junior high school and high school. The website offers solutions from the 6th grade to the 12th grade. Whether you are good or not, the subject of mathematics is essential in your school career because it can help you discover beautiful jobs later on.

The great themes are approached in college as the famous Pythagoras Theorem, the Thales Theorem but it is not only … The students are discovering the relative numbers, the literal calculation, the square roots or the resolution of equations. All these lessons are free to download as PDFs and can be printed.

These lessons were written by a team of 12 teachers from the French National Education system.

Cycle 3 and 4 lessons are aligned with the 2016 college reform.

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Mathematics is a fascinating discipline that can be used to solve many problems in everyday life. Mathematics lessons teach students fundamental concepts of numbers, computation, and geometry, as well as methods for solving complex problems.

In the early grades, students learn to count, add, subtract and perform other basic operations with whole numbers. They also learn to use tools such as rulers and compasses to draw and measure geometric figures.

As students advance in their education, math lessons become more complex. They learn to use fractions, decimals and percentages to solve everyday problems. They also learn basic algebra concepts, such as equations and inequalities, which enable them to solve more advanced problems.

Avoid spending a lot of money through private tutoring, our resources are completely free and will allow you to fill in your gaps and be much more helpful in class by having a mastery of the different definitions, properties and theorems of your lesson.

All these documents are in accordance with the official programs of the national education.

In addition to these basic skills, math lessons may also include more advanced topics such as Euclidean geometry, trigonometry and mathematical analysis. These topics may be useful for students who wish to pursue graduate studies in science, engineering, or other fields that require advanced math skills.

Although math can sometimes seem difficult, it is essential to understanding and solving many problems in everyday life. Mathematics lessons provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in many different areas

Understanding and assimilating math lessons

Maths lessonsThe proposed math lessons can be downloaded in PDF and printed if you wish. These documents are completely free and you can share them as many times as you want. Learn in a small group of friends, it’s more fun and sometimes someone close to you can quickly give you a solution not understood in class thanks to another method.

The basics must be understood and retained in middle school because in high school mathematics becomes more complex and if the first basics are not acquired, it will be difficult to follow correctly.

But be aware that this subject is very important later on for scientific or technical lessons. Mathematics will be one of the major subjects you need to master. So it’s up to you to make the effort to engage and retain the essential. It is up to you to adapt your own techniques to learn and retain a course.

Everything is free, make the most of it to be one of the best in your section…

All chapters and lessons from middle school to high school are covered such as the famous Pythagorean theorem and Thales theorem as well as trigonometry in the right-angled triangle, developing a literal expression using literal calculus and remarkable identities.

From 6th grade through 12th grade, you will study statistics and percentages.Relative numbers will be covered in fifth grade.You can download these free PDF documents and print them out to work freely.

Square root problems and geometry as well as lessons on fractions and probabilities and solving first of degree equations with one unknown.Consolidate your sixth grade knowledge with a course on multiplication and conversions.

The notion of function will also be addressed with a course on vectors in the second year and complex numbers in the final year.

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