12th grade math worksheets with answers to download in PDF

12th grade

12th grade math worksheets with answers to solve before consulting the answer key. These problems cover all the chapters of the official mathematics program for the terminale S level. Supporting material by increasing difficulty on all chapters such as complex numbers, the derivative of a function, the barycenter or arithmetic and matrices in speciality teaching. Members have access to the various corrections in order to identify their possible errors and not repeat them later. Each answer key is detailed and these exercises cover the different theorems and properties covered in the lesson.

A good preparation for this last year of high school in order to prepare for the orientation and the baccalaureate exams in optimal conditions.

These workheets have their answers and allow students to practice directly online to review a test.

Compulsory education

  1. Logic and reasoning by recurrence
  2. The complex numbers
  3. The logarithm functions
  4. Derivation of functions
  5. Exponential functions
  6. Continuity and intermediate value theorem
  7. The scalar product
  8. Limits and asymptotes
  9. Numerical sequences
  10. Differential equations
  11. Integrals and primitives
  12. The barycentres
  13. The probabilities

Specialty course

Here are the two main parts of the speciality worksheets : arithmetic, which covers Euclid’s algorithm, prime numbers and Gauss’s and Bézout’s theorems; matrices and operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and inverse) as well as sequences of matrices in order to broaden the subject.

  1. Arithmetic
  2. Matrices and operations

Succeed in your year with the 12th grade math worksheets

12th grade
twelfthf grade of high school before the baccalaureate exams, a year-long marathon where you will have to redouble your efforts and train regularly in order to arrive in the best possible conditions in June.

A wide variety of materials, as much in content as in difficulty, will allow you to consolidate your knowledge and develop skills in algebra or analysis as the official programs of the French national education.

Notion of complex numbers, derivative of a function and integrals and also the algorithm and programming part as well as numerical sequences and limits, so many notions that will give you a hard time throughout the school year.
Our team of national education teachers regularly writes and publishes numerous exercises that will help you progress throughout the year.

A year that will be decisive with the deadline of the SAT test and the pursuit of your university studies.

You will need to make a regular and serious investment in order to succeed this year and put all the ingredients of success on your side.

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