9th grade math worksheets with answers to download in PDF

9th grade

9th grade math worksheets with answers covering all chapters of the official math curriculum.

These exercises and their correction cover all the chapters of the third grade such as literal calculus, Thales’ theorem, linary and affine functions. You can spot your mistakes by looking at the answers or download the PDFs for free.

The ninth grade math worksheets are designed to reinforce students’ math knowledge and skills. These sheets cover a wide range of topics, such as algebra, geometry, trigonometry and probability.

  1. Arithmetic and prime numbers
  2. Theorem of Thales
  3. Trigonometry in the right triangle
  4. General information on numerical functions
  5. Literal calculation (develop and factor)
  6. Equations and product equations
  7. Geometry in space and section of solids
  8. Homotheties
  9. Proportionality and linear functions
  10. Affine functions
  11. Statistics
  12. The probabilities
  13. The inequalities
  14. Programs and algorithms with Scratch

Practice online with the 9th grade math worksheets

9th grade
This is a crucial year for consolidating and developing new knowledge, you will have to invest yourself throughout the year and know the different properties and theorems inside out. Contents with varying degrees of difficulty that will lead you to develop many skills through the various exercises offered online.
Algebra material may include solving equations and inequations, as well as calculations of gcd and cfm. Students also learn to manipulate prime numbers and use Thales’ theorem to solve geometry problems.

Trigonometry exercises may include cosine, sine, and tangent calculations, as well as applications of these functions in solving real-world problems. Students also learn to use transformation formulas, such as homotheties and linear and affine functions, to solve geometry problems.

Ninth grade math worksheets can include manipulating geographic coordinates, such as latitude and longitude, to locate places on a map. Students also learn to calculate probabilities and use sections of solids to solve real-world problems.

In conclusion, these resources are designed to reinforce knowledge as well as the official national education curriculum and students’ math skills. These worksheets cover a wide range of topics, such as algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and probability, and allow students to practice the concepts they have learned in class.

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