Angles and construction: answer key to 6th grade math exercises in PDF.

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Corrected 6th grade math exercises on angles and the use of the protractor. Equality of angles and coding of figures and constructions using geometry materials.

Exercise 1:

According to the coding in the figure, the equal angles are :




Build angles.

Exercise 2:
Construction of the trapezoid :

1. Draw [AD] of 6.5 cm.
2. Draw an arc with center A and radius 3.5 cm.
3. Draw an arc with center D and radius 5.6 cm.
4. The two arcs intersect at B.
5. Draw the segment [BC] of 4 cm, parallel to (AD).
Quadrilateral and angles.

Exercise 3:

Here is the figure of the big bear you need to get:

The big bear and the angles

The answer key to the 6th grade math exercises on angles.

After consulting the answers to these exercises on angles and coding in 6th grade, you can return to the exercises in 6th grade.

The exercises in the sixth grade.

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