8th grade math lessons to download in PDF and printable free.

The 8th grade math lessons. The lessons are designed to complement your teacher’s lessons and provide you with a different way to learn the basics. All the chapters of the fourth grade are covered, such as calculating with relative numbers and the sign rule, the famous Pythagorean theorem, calculating with fractions, the property of the midline and the direct part of Thales’ theorem, as well as the properties of the right-angled triangle and its circumscribed circle.

These sheets can be downloaded free of charge in PDF format so that they can be printed.

  1. Introduction to demonstration: lesson and activity
  2. Calculations and relative numbers
  3. Pythagorean Theorem
  4. Fractions
  5. Translation and rotation
  6. Powers of 10
  7. Literal calculation and double distributivity
  8. Power of a relative number
  9. Cosine of an acute angle
  10. Pyramids and cones
  11. Proportionality and percentages
  12. Equations and problem solving

Progress in assimilating 8th grade math lessons

8th grade math classA pivotal year before graduating from college, but a very important one. You will study new chapters but also develop reasoning and demonstration.

The algorithmic and programming part will also be developed with the scratch software.

These 8th grade math lessons are in accordance with the requirements of the French national education system and remain within the framework of the official programs and reference materials.

Develop your eighth grade math skills and consolidate your knowledge to have the best possible year by achieving satisfactory results for passage to the last year of college.

You will learn new knowledge and new concepts in both algebra and geometry.

In addition to the lessons given by your teacher, our cards are complete as the official programs of the national education.

You will find the different definitions to know as well as the theorems and properties to know by heart. These documents are posted online and updated regularly by teachers who volunteer to help students in the fourth grade as well as to provide teachers with various online resources.

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