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All the math documents to succeed in high school math.Mathovore provides you with all the high school math courses and exercises
by going through all the chapters of the official national education program.

Your child is struggling in math, you have all the resources you need to help them succeed in high school math.
Complete courses written by a team of 12 teachers from the French national education system where you will find all the essential definitions, properties and theorems encountered in class.

These high school mathematics documents are intended for students who want to review their mathematics online and progress throughout the school year, but also for high school mathematics teachers (second, first and last year)
looking for support for their courses or exercises.

All high school math worksheets have an answer key, which allows the student to identify errors, which will help him/her to overcome his/her difficulties in math.

You can also download all these courses and exercises in PDF format in the download section so that you can print them.

Succeeding in high school math


  1. The lessons
  2. The worksheets
  3. The math tests 


  1. The lessons
  2. The worksheets
  3. The math tests 


  1. The lessons 
  2. The worksheets
  3. The math tests
  4. SAT topics
  5. Sample worksheet for the SAT

Mathematics is an important area of study in secondary education. In high school, students deepen their knowledge and develop new skills to prepare for college or professional life.

High school programs cover a wide range of topics, such as algebra, geometry, analysis, trigonometry and probability. Students learn to use computational techniques and tools to solve real-world problems. They also develop their ability to reason logically and use reasoning to solve complex problems.

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Voici les dernières ressources similaires à high school math with lessons and worksheets with answers mis à jour sur Mathovore (des cours, exercices, des contrôles et autres), rédigées par notre équipe d'enseignants.

  1. Cours de maths à télécharger en PDF ou à imprimer.
  2. Volumes et sections : corrigé des exercices de maths en 3ème en PDF.
  3. Systèmes équations : corrigé des exercices de maths en 2de.
  4. Corrigé du brevet blanc de maths 2020
  5. Corrigés des sujets du baccalauréat de maths S

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