Brevet de maths 2016 : blank subject to revise in PDF.

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A 2016 math patent topic to review online and consolidate your knowledge for the middle school DNB test in math.

The test for the brevet des collèges lasts 2 hours and contains between 6 and 10 exercises, including one that requires students to take the initiative.

Mathovore provides you with numerous mock exams as well as exams from previous years in France, Lebanon, Pondicherry and North America.

You will find, in the following PDF file, the chapters :

  • A MCQ on functions with images and antecedents as well as the graphical representation of a function.
  • The calculation of the PGCD of two numbers with arithmetic and algorithms.
  • Expand and factor a literal expression.
  • A MCQ on Thales’ theorem, enlargements and reductions with sections of solids in space.
  • Prove that lines are parallel with the reciprocal part of Thales’ theorem.
  • Study of three tariffs in a fair.

This 2016 patent topic is available for download in PDF format so that students can print it out and prepare in the best conditions.

Brevet de maths 2016: blank subject.

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Brevet de maths 2016
Brevet de maths 2016

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You have the possibility to download then print this document for free «brevet de maths 2016 : blank subject to revise in PDF.» in PDF format.

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